The women in my life

We are all brought into this world by a wonderful woman and I of course was no different. My mother raised me and my siblings with love and understanding and to this day no one but her and my wife understand me better. She had many hardships growing up and throughout her life, but took those and grew into a wonderful and strong woman. I have learned many things in life from her and I am very grateful every day for her. I always know I have someone on my side as long as I have her.

then you meet someone whom you fall in love with, it’s obviously different than that which was the love you have with the first woman in your life, but just as powerful. I met an incredible woman and married her. She has taught me more than I could have ever imagined and made me so much better as a person. I know, I know still a long way to go. She can only do so much, with so little to work with. She changed my life for the better and I couldn’t be happier. She has introduced me to so many different things and our life together couldn’t be better. She is my rock and when I am feeling down about anything, I look at her and the life she has made with me and it always feels better.   She is an amazing woman and because of her I was given another beautiful woman.

Jen’s mom has done so many wonderful things for me through the years. She is the most compassionate and thoughtful person I know.  I have never seen a person like her.  She is an amazing human being that does so much to make everyone around her feel better. I always feel happy when I am around Paulette, and not just because she feeds me so well.  It is what she does. Her mission in life is to make everyone who she comes into contact with comfortable and taken care of.  She has taught me so much about family and selflessness and I am thankful for her beyond words.

8 Years ago today the woman who changed it all came into my life

So you have a mother and a wife, but nothing you have ever known can prepare you for the love you will feel for your daughter.  Allie came into our lives 8 years ago today and everyday since has taught me a love I never knew existed.  She is happiness, kindness, sweetness, compassion, love, and all things good in this world.  She is everything that all the women I have ever known are, and so much more. She is a light in everyone’s life that she touches. I feel an overpowering desire to be a better human being when I spend time with Allie. She is incredibly witty for such a little person and her awareness always surprises me. I cannot wait to watch her grow up, but I am so scared to think of her out in the world having people hurt my little angel’s feelings. I cannot imagine my life without her.  I love her grouchy little face in the morning and her unbelievable kindness that take over as soon as she has breakfast.

She is athletic, beautiful, talented, hard working, intelligent, a good friend, and the most amazing person I know.  She will make a difference in this world and someday she will do all the things for her husband that her mom has done for me. She makes people better.  I love you little girl and I vow to do everything in my power to keep you safe and raise you the best I can to make you an amazing woman like your Grandmas and your mom.  Happy Birthday little girl, I Love you


PS:  I wanted to give a shout out to a couple of other women who I see alot in my life and I am proud to know.  Gretchen Butts and Jackie Peterson, I watch you both go through life under some tough circumstances sometimes and you handle all life throws at you with incredible courage and dignity.  You both are an inspiration to me and many others with all you do for your little guys.  I am glad I know you both and you are amazing women!!

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