10 year old baseball, summer finally, dog problems

It’s been awhile, I am not as creative as I thought I was or used to be, Jen hates it that people actually read this stuff, and sometimes even enjoy reading this stuff, that bothers her even more I think,  I see her roll her eyes everytime someone makes a comment about my little blog, I know that people are bored in general so reading my randomness sometimes is entertaining, it beats house work or work at all for that matter, I’m proud of Gretchen as she’s officially an RN now,  we all knew you would do just fine yesterday, people that sell digital cameras must hate cell phone companies, the trees have their leaves, I wish they would never let go of them, In classic generally unhappy fashion I am now too hot, I wish it was always 68 and sunny with no wind, I wonder where that place is or if it exists at all, I wonder if I just like to complain, I don’t think so, my complaints are valid in my own mind and that’s all that matters I guess

I golfed at 6am today after I dropped Allie and Jen off at the airport at 5am, I’m gonna be tired tonight, Justin is at Nana and Bumpas house, I have a house to myself, it’s nice to have a quiet house sometimes, but I miss them already, I don’t think I have ever golfed that early, I was the only one on the course, I golfed like crap mostly but it was nice to be alone on a golf course, crayola makes too many different crayon colors, how do pro golfers handle golfing when it’s noisy, I golfed with my kids last weekend and couldn’t concentrate at all, makes what they do all that much more amazing

Justin’s baseball team is on a 6 game losing streak, I think it’s the coaching, there is some turmoil in the coaching ranks, I never knew coaching a 10 year old team could involve so much stress, I wake up at 6am everyday thinking about it and can’t go back to sleep, it’s really a stupid thing to do,  He is hitting the crap out of the ball right now, 10 for his last 15 with 2 doubles and a triple, I tweeked one thing and his hitting took off, it was awesome to watch and know I was able to help my boy out,  my dad and I cut two trees down in my woods, we now have firewood to burn again, can’t wait to have a few beers and burn some wood up, summer shandy is good stuff, My dad is awesome and his help with my air conditioning in the car and cutting the trees made my week, I don’t do well without air conditioning, the US soccer team just won 3 world cup qualifying games in a row, I know I know you don’t care, I do, me and the rest of the world are right, soccer matters

The kid playing catcher on our team comes to me last night and says the ump mumbled under his breath that our coach was a stupid prick, I laughed before I could catch myself and tell him the ump shouldn’t have said that, he was being a prick though,  he doesn’t handle pressure well at all, I don’t miss the rain or snow for that matter, man that was funny

Jen is in Chicago with Allie, glad they are having fun and glad I don’t have to visit the American Girl doll store again, once was enough, based on all the doll lunches served this week at my house her doll may need some larger clothes, I’m out of shape, I mean I have a shape and all, it’s just not that great of a shape, Justin played hockey the last two weekends, It was fun to watch him score goals again, it’s fun to watch your kids play things, Allie’s soccer team went 2-0-2 last weekend in their tournament, she played awesome, I don’t even care that I am missing the Stanley cup playoffs when my kids are playing things, I very rarely get to see a full Vikings game anymore either, it’s not so bad though, but I would like to watch the Vikings once in awhile,

When I left for work today I passed a 13 year old girl driving a golf cart in the neighborhood, she was all over the road, when I got along side her, she was texting, I don’t see a bright future for that one or a long one for that matter, why are there certain people that always put their recycling tub out every week even though it only gets picked up every other week,  it doesn’t strike me as a very hard concept to figure out, get out of the left lane people, you don’t drive fast–I do so move, and get off your damn phone,  road resurfacing July 22nd from Elko to Eagan, oh goody, I find myself really liking the drum beat just before the chorus in Selena Gomez’s new song, it’s pathetic that I know she has a new song out, don’t tell anyone but I kind of like it, and I really like the cups song and Pink’s new one, and my inner teenage girl screams when JT’s new one comes on.  I find myself putting my hands on the ceiling of my car alot because of the threat that the “ceiling can’t hold us”,  I listen to way too much KS95 and watch too much disney with my kids, but I kind of like it, I guarantee my brother has no idea who Selena Gomez is

How stinking hard is it for you to put some weed and feed down in your yard people of windrose,  pride of ownership, get off your ass, open your eyes, mow once in awhile maybe, don’t park a car on blocks in your driveway, weed whip occasionally, the motorhome doesn’t belong on the street for months, paint your trim, don’t leave your toys in the yard for weeks on end, LEASH YOUR DOG,  take a look around brother, have some dignity

Note to dog owners, NOBODY LIKES YOUR DOG BUT YOU!!!!!!!,  the rest of us hate it, wish it would go away, better not crap in my yard, or bite my kid or my wife, bark all day, run towards my car when I’m driving by, generally causing havoc, Same goes for kids generally, we only like your kids because at the end of the day they leave our house, same reason we tolerate your dog, it’s going to leave and so are you, I realize people feel this way about my kids too, so do I sometimes, but they always end up at my house, I love dogs and have had several great dogs in my life, I get that you love your dog, but understand we don’t love it like you do, don’t bring it to the town festival or the baseball game, those things are for humans and children to attend, children are sometimes afraid of dogs and parks are for children, that’s why they put swingsets and slides in them, when your damn dog can swing and slide then it can come to the park, other people have allergies to dogs and should be able to enjoy the stinking town festival without having to deal with your slobbering drooling four legged friend, humans are more important than dogs, it’s that simple, your dog does not have a right to be at your son’s baseball game, it won’t sit at home and be upset that it missed little Johnnie’s home run in the 3rd inning, it’s a dog, it won’t know or understand what Johnnie did, nor will it care, the most enjoyable thing it does is sniff ass

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