Smoke you like Salmon and evolution

If you haven’t watched the video on my facebook page of the seagull and the one of allie you should.  While fishing my brother wrapped his line around a bird and brought it all the way into the boat.  He let it bite his glove while minor surgery was performed to set it free.  The video of Allie is a re-creation of a comment she made earlier that was priceless.  Out of nowhere, she makes the claim that she is going to smoke me like salmon. She claims she just made it up, she can be so funny sometimes

The fishing trip was great, we caught a ton of walleyes when the weather allowed, Red Lake can be a real bitch when it’s windy, but lucky us we also got rained on constantly the first two days, Thursday was awesome and we caught a ton of fish, drank too much, and had a great last day

Memorial day weekend at the cabin in Bemidji, still kind of crappy weather, but it was good to be back in one of my happy places, all boats and docks are in and the ice is finally gone

We returned home to the Lakeville South/North rivalry game on Monday night, Justin threw two scoreless innings and we were up 10-0 by the 2nd inning, he has thrown 19 innings so far this year and yet to give up an earned run and has only allowed 4 unearned runs, on the downside he is only hitting .200 and is having a real struggle so far, I have now dedicated myself to fixing the hitting woes,  We were up 15-0 in the 3rd and is was over in the 4th, not much of a rivalry game, our best 10 year olds are far better than their best 10 year olds, I love hockey and we obviously have kids that play hockey, but when it’s baseball season I believe hockey should be the 2nd sport at that time,  unfortunately we have a couple of kids that don’t feel the same, I hope it doesn’t affect the rest of the kids but I think it’s too late

I urge anyone who drives from a cabin up north and takes highway 10 through Royalton to never stop and give their stations any business, they refuse to remove the stoplight and it causes everyone to be stuck in traffic in the middle of nowhere for endless amounts of time, if they want us to slow down so we frequent their business’, then I say nobody should stop until the light is gone, just my two cents, I even thought of buying a billboard to support my cause

So when Jen comes to bed last night, she wants to watch the Bachelor, I have sworn off this show because it is for the most part stupid, and it’s the bachelorette which means only one woman to look at, so even less reason to watch, so I watched while trying to fall asleep, This has to be the biggest collection of losers ever assembled for one of these shows, a guy dressed as a knight, a dude without his shirt on all night, an ugly magician, an internet hashtag geek, a wierd guy from Chicago that high fives everyone, a dorky doctor with a porn mustache, I thought they liked this girl, it was embarrasing and I felt bad for her, What an amazing collection of tools she got, she has a better chance of being stalked and killed than finding a husband

We have now moved from cold and snow to wet and windy,  we never see the sun anymore, Jen thinks I may need happy pills, I think she’s right, can’t get out of this funk and it is completely weather related, even if it gets nice now it won’t last very long and we will be right back in the same crap again, this state is aweful

I know you have all been waiting on my take on evolution so here it is, I have evolved past camping, they have lakeside cabins now, no air mattress that leaks, lack of running water, no going without electricity, leaky roof, etc.,  if a cabin doesn’t scream evolution I don’t know what does, all the  good of camping without the crap that goes with it, you know just like a boat with a motor is evolution from a canoe, why canoe for 3 hours to get across the lake to fish when you can start the engine and drive over there and fish for 3 extra hours, makes no sense to me

Jen just hiked the Grand Canyon, I have told her over and over that they have pull outs alongside the road that offer the same views and then I can get back in the car and cover alot more ground, thus evolution has allowed me to see much more of the canyon and I didn’t even have to look at my feet for 3 hours while walking from one viewpoint to the next risking injury or death, I then would sleep in a hotel that night and watch a little tv and take a hot shower and get up the next morning and have breakfast and go take a gander at some more of the canyon the next day, now that’s evolution at it’s finest

I wish evolution would include the elimination of winter, I see no reason for it at all, the places without winter only have the problem of overpopulation, I can deal with that small problem, enough on evolution and more on my war on the dandelion

I have declared yard dessert storm on the dandelion, I have finally begun to win the war, there are a few snipers on the rooftops that will cause minor problems but most of the dandelion warriors have been taken out, they will have a lot to remember next memorial day as they remember their weedy warrior comrades, the individual and personal way in which I took each one of them out only gave me great personal joy and I slept well at night, I will continue the hunt and take pleasure in eliminating all straglers with extreme prejudice.

does it ever stop raining in this place, I mean really we deserve better



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