Finally Baseball, house falling apart

Baseball has finally started, game 1 of the regular season yesterday, 22-11 victory for Justin’s team, he played well and they were actually down 6-2 after 2 innings so the kids hung in there, our wonderful spring has created a packed season, we scrimmage tonight, game tomorrow, game friday, 2 saturday, and possibly 3 on Sunday, and one more on Monday, good thing our pitching staff is deep,  Allie’s soccer is also in full swing and she is in a tournament as well this weekend, she cried this morning when I informed her that Justin’s games were at the same time and I wouldn’t be able to watch her play, unfortunately coaching Justin’s baseball team is going to cause me to miss most of her games, it’s breaking my heart and hers apparantly

I guess 8 years is all you get repair free after building a house, our refrigerator and dishwasher are both crapping out on us, I think you should get longer and I am not a fixer upper guy, so now we are going to have to pay people to fix things and that sucks, I should have paid attention to my dad a little closer growing up I guess, I got the hunting and fishing thing down though, you know the  important stuff

Jen and I had a night out for dinner on Saturday,  great dinner and then we decided to have a drink at the reopened bar and restaurant in New Market, on our way there another bar had 2 firetrucks and an ambulance out front, so we of course had to pull in and check it out, as we turn around a helicopter is landing at the bar, some guy had a seizure and fell and hit his head, we were told this by his friends who were back at the bar drinking, they could have cared less that he was being loaded into the helicopter, I mean really your buddy is being loaded into the helicopter you have to at least watch don’t you, apparantly not in Elko, you go back in and have a drink, I mean really what can you do at that point, they weren’t doctors right?

We then moved on to a bar called the double wide, yes it’s actually a double wide trailer turned into a bar, not as bad as we were thinking, but you definately could have filled out your wal mart bingo card in there, look up wal mart bingo if you don’t know what I am talking about, you could have got your one armed guy drinking in a bar space filled

In light of the todays news of the 3 missing women found in Ohio, have you thought about who might be holding people in their basement in your neighborhood,  Jen and I both came to the same answer at the same time on that question, I bet everyone can think of someone that lives by them that might fit the bill, pretty scary really

allergies suck, but the trees are preparing for leaves, it’s worth the pain of the next few weeks, Go wild, the squirrel ain’t never coming back, I actually filled one of the bird feeders, the finches are no longer planning my demise, fancy new shoulder injection today, let’s hope it works, the hot tub is broke, I hate the hot tub, I like to be that hot about as much as I like to be cold, they are money pits, Our house is full of food and none of it sounds good, I’m hungry, golfing season is here!!, why does it take fleet farm an hour and 15 minutes to change oil everytime, it’s a conspiracy to make me walk around fleet farm and spend money, it’s nice to see my neighbors again, it was a long 6 months inside, I want to go to Vegas again soon, I don’t miss the hockey arena, baseball fields are more fun right now, there is an ABBA museum in Sweden now, did we really need a museum for just ABBA, I don’t have a backwards B on my keyboard,

I told Justin to put his breakfast plate in the garbage before he left this morning, they are still on the floor in front of the television, I struggle with if it is my fault or his, it’s his, I’m not picking them up as an experiment to see how long he will walk around them before he actually picks them up, Allie put hers in the garbage, I think sink holes are going to become a bigger problem in the future, date nights with my wife are awesome, I can’t wait until the kids are old enough to be left alone for the night so we can have more of them, my goal is to break 85 when golfing this summer, I’m pretty close, I think it can be done, maybe even 80, coaching baseball really makes me want to play again, I wish I was young and my body wasn’t falling apart, I hope it doesn’t snow anymore, it probably will somehow happen, I feel like a captive and cannot convince myself to believe it’s really over, please let the ice be off Red Lake in two weeks when our fishing trip happens, I refuse to ice fish in January much less late May

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