Al Gore is an IDIOT

I have done my part, I spent lots of years not recycling, letting the water run while I brushed my teeth, god knows my family leaves lights on all the time, I spray aerosol cans outside the window, drive an SUV, drink water out of plastic bottles, buy everything from big business, fill the landfill as much as possible, smash flourescent lightbulbs, buy stuff made by 6 year olds in China, throw batteries in the trash, I am trying to leave as large a carbon footprint as possible

NONE OF IT MATTERS, winter will not end, global warming is a lie and Al Gore should be drug behind my truck while we all throw plastic water bottles filled with batteries from Wal Mart at him,  Jen keeps asking me what’s wrong and I keep saying “look outside”, If I didn’t know it was temporary I might need to go get some happy pills, 6-9 more inches tonight, those of you that read this and know me and what I think of Minnesota should know what I am talking about, I would move tomorrow and never come back, I miss the Hartford Whalers, I will not shovel again this spring, you know it is going to snow on October 4th, I can’t wait for Algore to be right, have you noticed they always put the warm temperatures at the end of the 7 day forecast but 7 days later it still sucks, I think they do it so that everyone doesn’t kill themselves, algore sucks

Allie just put cake frosting on her waffles for breakfast, she likes her sugar, I didn’t have the heart to tell her no, Justin’s baseball team is going to be pretty good, lots of kids who can throw hard, it’s fun to practice with a bunch of kids whose abilities are all close, who knew you could convince your kids to play games on the Ipad that are educational, they love them and they actually might get smarter, what a concept, Algore was such a visionary with his whole internet invention thingy

I think it’s awesome that the younger brother in the Boston bombings ran over and killed his older brother, I can think of a bunch of things I would like to do to that little dirtbag, but even I couldn’t dream up such a happy ending, I hope they are pulling him out of his sedation every hour or so and just saying, ” hey, you killed your brother” and then letting him go back to sleep to dream about it, makes a guy long for the good old G.W. days of waterboarding :)

There is still a christmas tree in my backyard, I did try to take it down but it was froze into the fire pit still, on April 20th, I hope it’s out by the 4th of July, algore sucks, I feel bad for the people of West, Texas, we drove through there on our trip, The Boston morons stole their spotlight and I think the normal amount of help will not come  because of it, I wish they would quit saying the name of the idiot in the hospital in Boston, he doesn’t matter, they refuse to say the name of school shooters but won’t stop saying this idiots name, WE DON’T CARE, algore sucks, and so do energy saving light bulbs, if you have to turn on 2 energy saving bulbs to get the light of one regular bulb is it really saving energy?, our refrigerator is evil, it keeps not working for a day and then it comes back on, we move everything and then moving it back, I think it is just trying to make us clean it, it will take more than that, I love the British people, a little boring but overall our country could not have a better ally

Why are the rivers not flooding, walleye fishing should be excellent for our red lake trip, that is the only positive I can take from the lack of spring, I still will not be able to get grass to grow in my backyard, I have planted grass seed for 7 years in a row, no grass has grown, the ground is always like a rock, I have no green thumb or ability to care about the grass, I start out with such a positive attitude and then a week later I just don’t care anymore, there needs to be grass seed that grows in like 2 days, I know it’s called sod and it grows immediately when you lay it down, My uncle Bill passed away last week, he was a really neat guy and he raised a great family, he will be missed and his humor made this world a better place, he was one of the funnier people I knew

Bananas are good, terrorists are bad, babies are cute, old people are not, algore sucks, sand castles are cool, snowmen suck, half full half empty, I miss Kirby Puckett, the Twins are above .500 and I am happy to be wrong, the Wild are failing, squirrel is nowhere to be found, birds are still pissed, I am in the window and the bird feeders are still empty, winter storm warnings are not allowed in April are they?, mom and dad are on their way back from Texas, why I don’t know, the crappies in my dad’s lake are happy to see him go, I’m sick of being in a bad mood about weather, I’m bored with it, my garage needs to be cleaned but I won’t do it until I can do it in shorts, I ran over Allie’s stroller with the car Saturday, it was a $100 american girl doll stroller, It made me even more mad about the weather because it was to blame for not letting me clean the garage, it all circles back to weather, that’s why old people talk about it all the time,  and it will go right from this to summer and be too hot to be outside, I blame my lazy ancestors for not continuing west and settling in this crappy place, Seriously the gold was all west and here stopped the Loer family, we could have been warm and rich looking at the mountains or ocean, but here we are looking at frozen water and trees without leaves, algore sucks

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