Minnesota drivers, weather, and Fast food

We have arrived back from our trip, I must first discuss the tremendous difference in driving, Minnesota drivers suck, not a single problem in 3,000 miles of driving in other states, we crossed the border of Iowa and Minnesota and for the next 80 miles it was a constant battle with people driving in the left lane who didn’t belong there, I speed by the way, not way too much but enough, please use the left lane to pass and do so with a little bit of urgency, It seems to be a Minnesota problem, also nobody else has joined the zipper merge rage that is Minnesota, they do it the old way and it is not a good idea, I can endorse the zipper merge, but if I would have done it down south I’m not sure we would have made it back alive, rant over

We had a great trip, but you people did nothing to improve the crappy weather, and now a winter storm is coming, this is cruel, I’m glad we got out of it for awhile, but believe me the weather was only slightly better, I informed Jen at every major city we passed through starting with Des Moines, that I would rather live here, It was 72 in Kansas City, there is no snow on the ground anywhere past Owatonna, we really do live in hell, anybody who lives north of Albert Lea has something wrong with them as the rest of the world does not live like this, I screamed at every motorhome heading north with old people in it to turn around, why would you come back here if you didn’t have to, 2nd rant over

We all know I love Vegas and one of the things I still haven’t done that I want to do is eat at the In and Out Burger, I remembered before we got to Dallas that they are also in Texas,  I still didn’t make it but I did try some others for the first time that we don’t have here, the long car rides mean fast food, we ate at whataburger it was terrible, chik’ fila( I don’t make political stands for or against fast food and I wanted a chicken sandwich) it was just ok, Jack in the Box was fairly decent, We tried like hell to get me to In and Out but even I wasn’t willing to make the 5 mile trek off the highway for a hamburger and it gives me another reason to go to Vegas, as if I needed one

Branson was fun and the time with the Hwongs was enjoyable, it is way too expensive there, I think since it’s for old people they overprice everything, $9 for one 3 minute go cart ride is way too much, I know old people aren’t riding go carts very often but you get my point,  It was very much like the dells but with more old people stuff mixed in, we did get met by a guy driving the wrong way on the interstate leaving Branson for Texas, he missed the guy in front of us by feet, it was 8am so I’m thinking he was more of an idiot than a drunk, there were 2 other people in the car with him, they had to be crapping their pants

We caught a bunch of crappies and Justin got to have valuable time with his grandpa, they are so much alike it’s scary, I love seeing them together and they definately have a bond unlike anyone I know, Allie enjoyed Texas and got a lot of mom and dad time at seaworld, which was well worth the trip, Everything in Texas is 2 hours from everything, Jen and I had a nice night away in Austin, that is a really cool city with an area that they compare to bourbon street, every bar has live music even on a Tuesday night and there is a 6 block long area that is all bars and restaurants, it was fun and a semi late night, our kids are great travelers, we did two 12+ hour drives and they did very little complaining and only drove us crazy like twice, tying their hands and feet together and stuffing a sock in their mouths works like a charm :)

No speeding tickets, no accidents, no car trouble, and everybody still likes everybody, a successful trip, The lake my mom and dad stay on is depressingly low of water, it is 25 feet below full and there are whole bays that have no water in them, there are nice big houses that used to be on a lake that are now facing weeds, docks leading to nothing all over the place, it is really sad to see, I found it very funny that a lot of people in Texas put gates up at the entry to their driveway, even the people that have a run down nasty trailer house gate their driveway, who are they trying to keep out-riff raff, I’m guessing they are the riff raff that the people with ranches put gates up to keep out, we drove through the hometowns of Carrie Underwood(sadly she wasn’t home), John Wayne(still dead), and Toby Keith(still drunk), and a few others I can’t remember, happy to be home to sleep in my own bed, we have the best bed in the world, now warm up already, adios Margaret Thatcher


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