Branson and rednecks

It never really occurred to me that we were going to be in the south. I know that is kind of a stupid thing to say, but I am an idiot. Camo everywhere, teeth nowhere, grits, confederate flags, baptists everywhere, rednecks and all the rest was not on my mind when we left home. It is now, its kind of scary, only to get scarier, the kids were surprised, they are having a blast with their friends, branson is for old people, its beautiful, everything closes at 8pm, I was surprised it didn’t all reopen at 3am, especially the buffets

the resort is nice, the kids are all loving the pool area, the drive down sucked as we listened to the gopher hockey team lose, thank you Yale for also beating the Sioux, tough sway to have it end, they had a good chance to win it all this year.

Texas bound early tomorrow, looking forward to seeing mom and dad, ┬ámore. Grits and rednecks to come I think, the weather is beautiful in Missouri today, 72 and sunny, we got a kick ass thunderstorm last night, I miss thunderstorms, I have went down the slide at least 100 times, jen and amy are at an outlet mall shopping, indoors on a day like today I can’t believe it, the girls want me in the pool now, gotta go

Justin lost the picks, we have to be in the car for 13 hours tomorrow. Get to see Arkansas and Texas for the first time, hope the kids hang in there, I love being on vacation with my wife and kids, jens new iPhone has turned her into a teenage girl, nobody talks to me in the car, they are all staring at 4 inch screens ignoring everybody.


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