Ding Dong Tubby gone, and so is Jen

I miss my wife, I will not miss Tubby, what the hell kind of name is Tubby, I know it is hard to win anything but hockey games in Minnesota, but winning 6 out of 18 to end the year isn’t ok, never finishing higher than 6th in the Big 10 is also not ok, He had to go,

My wife needs to come home, I have great kids who have done nothing wrong (today), but being a single parent can be tough, actually not having someone to talk to at the end of the day is the worst part, as you have seen I have a bit to say and she is an excellent listener, they made it out of the Grand Canyon safely and now are enjoying the weather and relaxing at the Spa, I got Allie to rub my back this morning, she tries hard but has the attention span of a gnat, I think the greatest part of my marriage is that we both are allowed to go on trips with friends without each other, We do plenty of trips together and those are what everyone will remember in the end, doing trips apart only speaks to how strong we are together and I am so happy I have found a partner who thinks the same as I do, she rocks

The Gopher hockey team will have to beat the dirty stinking Sioux to get to the frozen four again this year, we are better than they are but none of that matters in a 1 game series, I always think we are going to lose to them, I hate them, the feelings mutual I’m sure, right Sarah?, The NCAA hates the Gophers and Sioux, why do they always have to be in the same bracket, The Wild are awesome right now, I forgot to bet on them when I was in Vegas, that is probably a good thing for the Wild,  Justin still is in the running for the NCAA pool, he’s in 3rd place and still is mathmatically alive, I’m going to tell him he won $100 less than he really did :), parenting fee, just kidding

The Elko water has radium levels exceeding regulatory limits again, maybe that explains my breast enlargement the last 8 years, or maybe it’s the cheeseburgers, I think I’ll blame the water, but it only appears only to be happening to me, I’ve checked, from the letter we got it looks like the city is preparing to ask for money, not happy about that,

I stepped on something black last night and proceeded to track it from my bed to the bathroom and then all the way down the steps to the kitchen, I spent over an hour cleaning spots out of the carpet, that sucked, I still don’t know what it was, my kids have been really good while their mom has been away, We will be in the car on Friday when the Gopher hockey team opens the NCAA tournament, I wait all year for these games and that is going to stink, we will arrive in warmer weather thanks to that car ride so I shall not complain too much, It may reach 60 when we are gone, that’s about right

It was a really wierd weekend without hockey, I really didn’t miss going to the rink, the break was needed, we did have to go to the arena for soccer practice though, The UMD lacrosse team was practicing after Allie’s soccer team, It was a pleasure to see 25 college age kids act so well around others, when you work in the field we work in you tend to forget that large groups of teenage kids are not all up to something bad, I look forward to having that further reinforced as our kids get older, are pop tarts a complete breakfast?, my kids think so

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