Black cat and Sioux fans

So I just drove out of the neighborhood and a black cat just sat right in front of my car at the stopsign, I wanted to run it over, but I was more concerned with what was going to happen to me on the way to the store now that a black cat crossed my path,  Jen left this morning for her trip, I never really fell back asleep when she left at 5 this morning, I’m gonna be tired,

Justin’s NCAA pick board is in 2nd place out of 40 after day 1, He picked Harvard, that’s probably as close to Harvard as he’ll ever get,  He has never watched a whole basketball game in his entire life, I can’t break the 10 pound barrier, I think Jen might be right about the exercise thing, or not, If a mime shoots someone should he have a silencer on his gun or does it really matter

The Sioux lost to CC last night, I feel no shame in being really happy that all thier idiot fans drove all the way down here and spent all that money to watch their team lose on the first day,  I hope their hotel deposits are non-refundable and they can’t sell their tickets, I wish only bad things on Sioux fans, I hope St.Cloud and Wisconsin play 10 overtimes and I am happy to know that at least one of their teams will go home early, If we lose we are already home because we actually live in a place that has people and running water and stuff, North Dakota still hasn’t discovered high def TV yet, they have to watch their crappy hockey team in black and white on a tube television they got from the farm when Grandpa passed on with no high def, it’s laughable

Way too much sporting activity for me to watch in 1 day, Hockey, Basketball, Soccer and they are all on at once, severe overload and it repeats itself tomorrow, I love this weekend,  Justin got body slammed by a kid on his hockey team last night, Jen said it was really bad, the kid is a huge problem, he’s the one that has gotten us in trouble all year because he is constantly swearing at the other team and he’s physically abusive to other kids and his teammates, Jen just about lost it on his mom, who is clueless and only defends her little punk kid,  I think I see him being a much bigger problem for us and poor Justin in the future, he’s what they call a bad egg and unfortunately he will be on alot of our teams in the future, at least he didn’t make Justin’s baseball team so we don’t have to deal with him there

I love Ole Miss and what you just did to the ugly slow and depressing Wisconsin basketball team,  you are my new favorite college for the next few hours, maybe even the whole day, Just booked our hotel for Branson, then it’s on to Texas,  It’s supposed to snow in Missouri on Sunday and Monday, I bet it will still be there to greet us on Friday, I just got my turkey license, Redmond if you want to go let me know so we can hook you up, 6 years in a row getting a turkey within 2 miles of my house is on the line, I’m pretty good at killing turkeys

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