Baseball, Basketball and Winter

So the Basketball tourney begins, none of it really matters as it is only basketball, anyone who has played a sport everyday since they were 5 years old should not have to talk to the coach that much, hockey players don’t need timeouts every 30 seconds,  basketball is such an inferior sport to all the others,  basketball only gains value in the last 10 seconds of the game, it is then fun to watch, but the other 59:30 are fairly useless,  you can barely touch the other guys without the fat guy blowing his whistle and telling you  you’ve been bad, overall just a dumb sport

Final 5 this weekend, where warriors with blades on their shoes will hit, slash, check, punch, and battle to win a post season trophy,  none of them will talk to the coach, they all will know what and when to do it, and they will battle to the end while maintaining constant action,  the contrast of the two is amazing,  you can fill out a bracket if it makes you happier, but why you would chose to watch tall guys dribble a ball over warriors in battle on  ice will always amaze me, Sioux suck

Noone can tell anyone but Justin made the AAA baseball team and I am going to be his coach,  I am so proud of him for making it,  There are a few kids we know that made it as well, but we can’t tell him anything until the teams are officially posted,  One kid on the team is going to be a particular problem, he has always caused problems and has a terrible attitude, I get to coach him for the first time and his life is going to change, poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated, I hope he responds well as he is a good player, just not parented very well,  12 kids made the team so it was quite an accomplishment for Justin, he rocks, I just spent $172 to get baseball gear–FOR ME, I gotta look the part

Kids versus parents game tonight for Justin, Allie is going to represent our family, I have to work otherwise I would have put a beatdown on those punk kids, Jen leaves for her trip to the Grand Canyon tomorrow, so she doesn’t want to take the chance that one of the hacks on Justin’s team takes her out before the trip, I don’t blame her,  I will miss her when she’s gone but I know how much she is looking forward to her trip, I am excited for her, but I think she is a little too excited to get away from us :)

The police would never be able to solve a murder in my house if there ever was one, our knife block is missing like 6 knives, who has all their knives except the murder weapon in place anyhow, Is the monk cookie jar supposed to deter me from eating cookies?, it’s not stealing if I bought them, I threw out the last of the girl scout cookies yesterday, tremendous will power was displayed by me, I think the squirrel may be gone forever, no real sightings in quite awhile, there is still a christmas tree in my backyard, I refuse to do anything with it until the snow is gone, at this rate it may still be up for next Christmas

There appears to be no hope for spring to come, it’s incredibly depressing, even you idiots who like winter are expressing concern, the snow banks are still over my mailbox, I hope Justin is good enough to get a scholarship to USC for baseball so we can move there to watch him, or Allie gets a soccer scholarship to Hawaii, that would be even better, they will end up at Duluth and Bemidji with my luck, I will leave this state forever as soon as my wife says she is ready, I miss Jim and Jojo, Bobby Orr turned 65 yesterday, he was my favorite player when I was a little kid, the first book I ever read was about him when I was in 1st grade(yes my 3rd year of 1st grade)

The sunshine is cruel, it looks so nice and then you open the door, why do we have to wait until we are old to be warm, I think you should be able to retire from 20-35 and just work until you are 80 to make up for those 15 years,  Most of us wouldn’t sober up until we were like 50 but think of the work we would do from 50-80,  We are going to Texas in a week, it was 85 there yesterday, I hope it holds, I may have to miss the Pooh Bear fishing tournament this year as Justin’s baseball team has a tournament, I have never missed it and really don’t want to miss it now,  I hope I can work it out, I miss the hockey arena just a little, Go Gophers–hockey people not basketball, I hope they win too, GO USA Soccer, I will be watching that instead of the UCLA game, even soccer is more exciting than basketball, the rest of the world agrees with me and how often are the French and Germans wrong

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