Blizzard’s are better at Dairy Queen

It’s cold windy and snowing, I am really tired of it, It took all winter but I finally got the cold everyone around me has had all winter, I hear people say the trade off for living here is our great summers, you know there are people that get that weather all the time , I don’t think the trade is worth it for 3.5 months of summer

Jen says I am too hard on Justin when I write this stuff, I say I write what I see, he is an awesome kid with a ton of energy, it has it’s ups and downs, his hockey season is finally over, He scored the game winner on Friday night with 6.2 seconds left in the game, incredible patience in front of the net and he buried it,  that caused us to have an 8am game Sunday, see- ups and downs, he was then in an all-star game in Andover Saturday, we got to get up at 630am for that one, they lost 4-3 in a shootout, he scored a goal and missed his shootout chance, ups and downs, they then won the consolation game in districts 7-5 Sunday morning,  fun way to end the season, he had a great year and scored a ton of goals and made some great friends, now on to baseball as soon as the blizzards let up, so like early June I’m thinking

Jen took me to Kicaids on Saturday for my birthday, had a great meal and met some friends for a drink afterwards, turned into several, we crashed a wedding dance, Jen signed us into the registry in Spanish, I danced for :30 seconds, everyone looked at us funny and I went back to the bar where I belong, Went to bed at 3am and had to be at hockey at 7am,  I’m too old to do that shit, We had a lot of fun, the Petersons rock and so do the Vincents, who allowed us to stumble in their house at 1am

the golf courses were open already last year, have you looked outside lately, I don’t see golf happening for quite awhile, girl scout meeting at my house tonight, I will be taking the boy and leaving the house, Jen has joined the world with an Iphone, she can’t get lost anymore right?, bracket time again, I haven’t won in 10 years I think I’m due, I don’t pay attention to basketball but niether does anyone who ever wins those things, The gophers may actually win their first game, all it will do is keep Tubby around for longer, there is no snow on the ground in Iowa, we are so close yet so stinking far away, I don’t want to live in Iowa either,

trying to decide between stopping in Branson to hang out with Hwong’s or having our road trip to Texas include a return trip through New Orleans, Memphis, and St. Louis, both sound like fun, the trip through the cities would be more educational, but the time with the Hwongs would be more fun and relaxing, don’t have much time to make the decisions,

I hate the snowpile more this year than most others, the kids are begging me to ask the city guys to move it to the curb so they can play baseball, and ride their bikes, I think they may be just as ready as me for spring, I’m still at 10 pounds down, I think eating the large portion of prime rib on Saturday wasn’t wise, but it was so worth it, I shouldn’t have eaten all the free birthday dessert but it was free,  what was I supposed to do, it would have been rude to not eat it, Greg Jennings signed with us, hope he can stick it to them,  we really needed Rodgers to come with him, we won’t get him until he is truly washed up, I wonder if I will get grass to grow in my backyard this year, probably not, wish I could just cover my whole yard with rocks and call it good, no hockey tonight or tomorrow, or the next day,  what the hell to do with all this time

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