Packer fans, Wioux people,

The beauty of March snow, 1.5 inches overnight and gone off my driveway by noon, never lifted a finger, looks like that won’t be an option for monday though, depressing to think of another foot of snow on the ground, guess the lakes really need it, but I’m not a lake

Justin scored 4 goals in the all-star scrimmage last night, games Friday and Saturday, nothing tonight, I have to work, I miss my family, haven’t got to see them much lately, I miss food but this stupid shake stuff has eliminated my desire to eat, I feel like crap but I am losing weight, I wish I was on a beach watching Jimmy Buffet sing ” A pirate looks at 40″ drinking a Corona, This weather really sucks, actually Cheeseburger in Paradise sounds better right now.

When I was in college I was at a strip club with my buddies, this girl that was dancing gets off the stage and starts making out with this big fat harley dude, she was like 19 and beautiful, he was like 50,  the next monday I sit down in my 8am class and look to my left and sure enough there she sits right next to me, It depressed me so much that I have sworn off strip clubs ever since and I made a promise to my wife, not because she asked but because she deserves it

Justin thought it a good idea to wreck the snow fort at the end of the block, the other 2 kids with him stayed out of it, why can’t mine make that decision, sometimes mine can be “that kid”, overall he isn’t, but he can live on the edge sometimes, he may never see his new Ipod again, it’s wonderful giving kids things they like because then we can take them away as punishment, it’s the only thing we get to do as parents, the kids who had made the fort are like the nicest kids in the neighborhood too,  I hate it when my boy acts like that, Allie never acts like that

Jen has too much stress in her life sometimes, I wish I could make it better, the Gopher basketball team lost a heartbreaker today, I hope it isn’t an omen for Gopher sports this weekend, Bemidji will not go down easy, I have a bad feeling, The Wioux still suck, I hope the Vikings sign Greg Jennings today, Randy Moss mooning the Packer fans is still one of my all-time favorite sports moments, I wish I could score a touchdown in a Vikings Jersey and do the same thing, Wisconsin and North Dakota are two of the top 5 states in alcohol consumption, I would drink alot if I lived in either one too,  There is a reason Wisconsin ends in SIN and not SON, move to a trailer park anywhere in Wisconsin and you will know what I’m saying soon enough, Matt Cassel ya don’t say, Can’t believe that’s the answer

I lost zero pounds today, I knew it would get harder, Jen thinks I need to add in excercise, I think far too many people have heart attacks because of excercise, and how about all those people that get hit by cars while running, excercise is a dangerous thing I tell ya, I prefer magic, it’s much safer, I used to be alot skinnier when I watched the excercise shows that ESPN2 used to have on all morning, maybe I should just try watching jen’s excercise videos, or maybe it was just because I was 25, I wonder who the idiot is that thought it was a good idea to allow knives on planes again, I hope he’s on “that” plane when it happens, he’ll most likely hide underneath the seat, some people’s kids, no sightings today.

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