Possible Sighting

IMG_3834Justin’s self report–tryouts went excellent and he pitched really well and hit 9/10 pitches, the Wild lost a tough one but we had fun being there, We ate at O’Gara’s and took the shuttle to the game, The shuttle never picked us up after the game, O’Gara’s didn’t seem to care, terrible service throughout our time there, won’t go back,

I think I might have seen half-tail this morning, he was moving so fast I couldn’t tell for sure, first glimmer of hope in quite awhile, I tripped on the couch trying to run from window to window to see him,

Justin has practice for his year end all-star team tonight, in Andover, he’s really excited about it, nice year end reward for him, more money spent on hockey for us, I’ve lost 10 pounds in 2 days, Jen hates me for it, I know this is where it gets harder now, I miss food, I ate a chicken sandwich last night and skipped the fries, now all I want is potato chips, I wish I was in Hawaii, I wonder if we still have spies in Russia or if we just don’t care anymore, and do they have any here or do they just get told everything by the Chinese,

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, facebook makes you feel loved 1 day a year anyhow, Jen got me a wheeled cooler and golf shoes on top of the plane ticket to Vegas, she rocks, Had birthday cake for breakfast since I was gone last night, We are heading to Texas for spring break it looks like, we just have to figure out our other stops, thinking Branson for a couple days, any suggestions?, Why do we give so much power to gold, it’s just a rock found in a stream, I wish I knew more about stuff but I’m too lazy to spend the time it takes, the weather still sucks but at least the sun is out, I found out I am hungry mostly when I’m bored,

my kids never clean up their breakfast plates,  all 3 bedroom lights were on yesterday when my family left the house, I’m can’t think of a punishment that would work, finger removal has crossed my mind, but it would only create more light turning off for me, and toilet flushing, and plate picking up, and bed making, they don’t do it anyway I guess, I love them all very much, just wishing for a little help here, hopeful they all don’t start a blog and talk about all my crap, there is hope for the squirrel!!

sq sq bee



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