Birthday, Percy, Manny

It’s my birthday today, It’s also my mom and dad’s 47th anniversary, quite an anniversary present right, Percy’s gone, great football player but what a headcase, Urban Meyer, Brad Childress and Leslie Frazer cannot all be wrong, well maybe Childress but not the other two, I find myself kind of hoping he gets migranes because of all the rain in Seattle, Manny Ramirez is playing baseball again, he must have run out of drug money–again, I wish I had a chance to blow millions of dollars just one time,

I am running out of shampoo that I took from the hotel in Mexico, It’s depressing because I will miss the smile the smell of it gives me in the morning, Justin has already lost his Ipod for a few days, he broke the cover and took it into the locker room, Allie is still rebelling but it is so pathetic and cute I am almost proud of her, She needs a little mean streak in her or I would think she has too much mom influence, She is still the sweetest most thoughtful little girl I know

Justin’s team got killed last night 6-0, He didn’t score any goals, I think if you’re association moves mites up a level they should play at the level of their ability and not be forced onto the C team, it’s not fair to all the other teams, baseball tryouts tonight, I really really hope he does well, he’s a good baseball player but not a good tryouter, the catholics are chanting, I hope they make a good choice

I think we all need to start calling it suicide-murder instead of murder-suicide so that maybe the asshole will get the order right, children coloring makes for a lot of paper waste, I sometimes hope what I just said wasn’t too much or not enough, everyone makes mistakes, that is always such a poor excuse, we all do but it doesn’t make the victim of those mistakes feel any better, I however very rarely make mistakes, I get to go to the Wild game tonight, I’m ok with it this time, I’ve lost 5 pounds already, I miss food, I dreamt about food last night, I wonder if our blender could blend a cheeseburger into my stupid morning shake, the snow needs to go away now, my friend the squirrel is still missing



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