A socialist, an egomaniac, a criminal, and a guy even his family doesn’t like

Congratulations Merica those are your choices for President at this point. This has to be the strangest thing I have ever seen. 300 million people and this is what we come up with to run for President. It’s sad and tragic. One guy openly says he is a socialist and nobody cares and votes for him. One of them is a criminal that covers up crimes and wants to be president just to be President. Not because she wants to change anything, she just needs to be President to validate her existence, it’s pathetic. One guy who even his family doesn’t like. He needs the same validation as Hillary does. Nobody in Washington likes him, which is a good thing usually, but I think they actually have it right this time. And then there’s the egomaniac. He will get us all killed. He loves nobody more than himself and has absolutely no filter what so ever. He’s dangerous and self centered. I appreciate that usually, but not as President. It’s the lowest point I’ve ever seen our politics.
I do realize that many of you will vote for one of these candidates and I understand that is what will happen. None of us decided who was running, I get that. I don’t believe that anyone could argue that we can’t do better. It is an extremely shallow pool, like the gene pool in the hills of Tennessee.

I’ve lost 40 pounds. I just ate 20 chicken wings. I ran 3 miles, biked 5, and did 2 miles on the elliptical. I used to eat 20 chicken wings and then sit on the couch, so at least there is that. If I don’t allow myself to eat chicken wings once a month I might hurt someone. I miss Surly. beer is absolutely terrible when you are trying to not be a fat ass. I gained 9 pounds after a hockey weekend in Proctor. It was worth it and it was gone in 2 days. Hockey is almost over for the year, I will miss it. Not the losing, but I will miss the rink and my kids scoring goals. Baseball is coming, I’m getting excited for it. Soccer has already started, and I can’t wait to watch my little girl stream down the edge of the pitch with the ball like a labrador in full flight. It makes me happy.

To all of you who say you hate Facebook and it is a waste of time, I say you are wrong. It takes as much time as you give it. I get great pleasure in seeing what people are doing and where they are. I even don’t mind seeing what they are eating or what their kids are doing. It takes a couple of seconds. It’s really not that big of deal and listening to people whine about it always amuses me. I wish people posted more stuff. Some of it makes me laugh, some of it makes me think some people are pathetic and seeking attention, but SO WHAT. Who cares why. For the few minutes at a time I go on Facebook, I want new pictures and new quotes and to see what your cat or dog did. It is entertainment created by people I know and in most cases like. Why wouldn’t I want to see it? It isn’t something to get all worked up about and it does make me feel like I know some people better. It also gives me the opportunity to get to know some people better. I say to the naysayers–calm down, leave if you must, but please stay and post something funny or stupid or inappropriate. It will be gone in 2 hours from my feed, but it will be awesome in the moment. Let it go, move on and quit thinking you are cooler than us that enjoy it.

I get to go to VEGAS in 2 weeks!!! I get both my mommy and daddy on this trip, which is awesome. During today’s snowstorm I am especially excited to get out of here. We are splitting 4 days with 2 downtown and 2 on the strip as they are downtown fans and I am a strip person. It is the evolution of my Vegas obsession and my parents have gotten on board. Well, at least my mom has so that she continues to have a travel partner I think. She doesn’t know that I would go no matter where she wanted to stay. I love being there with her and the memories we have the past 4 years on our trips will be forever some of my favorites. The posts on Facebook you see about how important travel is cannot be more truthful. Jen and I have always been on the same page. We will travel together, alone, with our kids, with our parents, or with friends whenever possible. Money can be replaced and we only live once. This world is an awesome place with amazing beauty and the coolest things to see, so I encourage all to go see it. We are then off to Mexico with the whole family in March. We get to hang out with some awesome friends who have children the same age as ours, so the adults can also act like children. I am hopeful I can get to a weight where I can wear my speedo again, I think I’m the only one who hopes that.

Justin just arrived home wearing rollerblades in a snowstorm and no hat on. I blame his mother. The bus went in the ditch and rocked to the point it almost tipped over. Not sure why school was still in session. They told us the storm was coming at noon for 3 days. They made it clear it was going to snow heavy from noon until 6pm. A half day of school seemed like an easy call, but I guess putting kids in the ditch on the way home is way more fun. People in Lakeville generally have no idea what those of us in Elko have to put up with. The plows all stop at County road 70 and turn around. They care about us last. The 4 miles from here to there is miserable and dangerous. Nobody ever wants to cancel a hockey game or practice, but I’m not sure 10-12 year olds in a ditch is a better idea. Hockey just isn’t that important, and I believe it’s really important. When you live in Lakeville, getting to the hockey arena may suck, but it’s not life threatening. When you are in Elko, it is.

It has been difficult to get cranky about this winter. It has been pretty tame. I haven’t had the ever present risk of death every time I leave the house because the roads suck. It hasn’t been freezing to the point you can’t be outside for 3 minutes without a body part possibly falling off. I think it’s sad to refer to winter as tame at any point. I call to your attention–Everyone living in Cancun, Honolulu, Sydney, San Diego, Sao Paolo, Miami, etc. They never have to put up with this crap, even the fairly tame crap we have had. Saying 30 feels nice is insane. Jen is in Arizona and it was 31 this morning and they had all sorts of warnings to cover shit up, make sure your pipes don’t burst. Hell, they probably cancelled school. We think it’s nice. We are tortured souls. We have winter storm warnings, blizzard warnings and we send our kids in yellow missiles down the road and into ditches. No big deal, we have the mountains and oceans to keep us happy the 5 months a year it isn’t miserable. Oh, we don’t have mountains or oceans you say, then I say, what kept the lazy settlers known as our ancestors from continuing west like they intended. We are the product of lazy and unmotivated immigrants, now I know why Minnesota always votes for Democrats :) You know that someone didn’t race back to the East coast on his horse after winter one year and tell everyone arriving at Ellis Island this—

Horse guy: Everyone follow me, I have found the promised land.
Settler: Tell us all about it Finnegan
Horse guy: you will love it, it’s beautiful. It has lakes and trees and mountains and oceans
settler: sounds amazing Finnegan, lead the way and tell us more.
horse guy: There are fish and deer and buffalo, it’s amazing.
settler: all that in one place, it sounds unbelievable, too good to be true. Are there lots of other settlers?
horse guy: It’s like heaven. There are plots for all of you, lakefront or mountainside still available.
settler: Are there oceanfront plots still available?
horse guy: There are a few on the ocean known as Mille Lacs Sea, but the Indians are getting a little cranky.
settler: Are these Native’s hostile?
horse guy: No, we have tamed most of the savages, but some are protective of the oceans. They think its still theirs.
settler: How’s the weather?
horse guy: In October we will have the most beautiful snowfalls and all the trees are covered in stunning white snow.
Settler: Sounds unreal
horse guy: It is
settler: what is is like in January and February?
horse guy: All the lakes get covered in ice and you can catch fish through a hole
settler: interesting, tell us more
horse guy: free ice
Settler: what else can you tell us?
horse guy: All the birds have left, but the buffalo are herded together and easy to kill
settler: why are they easy to kill
horse guy: they can’t move in all the snow
settler: can we move in the snow?
horse guy: we have snowshoes
settler: what’s it like in May and June
horse guy: amazing. the ice leaves and the birds return–if the snow is gone
settler: if?
horse guy: Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not– if not–free ice
settler: what is like in July and August?
horse guy: hot. fishing is great until August then it’s too hot
settler: How about September and October?
horse guy: Sometimes the snow is back and other times it feels like August
settler: snow?
horse guy: sometimes, but other times it’s not. remember–snow is beautiful
settler: see ya later Finnegan you drunk Irish fool. that place sounds like torture.

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