Bus People

I mean seriously, you have all outdone yourselves. 90 people and two buses. I have a feeling this could get a little crazy. I’m glad I get to be a little on the sober side to watch it happen, or maybe not. I am so glad my wife talked me into starting this tradition a few years ago. I am a little worried that I’m getting to old to be up that late. The bus is very similar to my wedding night for me. I spend most of my time making sure everyone is accounted for and having fun as everyone is there because we invited them and not all of them know each other and some only know Jen and myself. It does have it’s stressful moments and having to be the navigator makes it a little hard to be over-served, if there is such a thing. Now I have to navigate 2 buses and get 90 people to listen when I say it’s time to clear the bar. The later in the night it gets the harder the clearing of the bar becomes, so that should be interesting with this many people. also, don’t worry too much about me, I do manage to not go thirsty.

As we all get older and this event comes up, it is always interesting to see the expressions on people’s faces when it’s the topic of conversation. I think there might be some people that are somewhat scared to death about it. It goes later than most of us are used to staying up, most people have kids whose lives don’t stop the next day, and others I think wonder what might happen to them on this bus. I can assure you, almost everyone has lived the past 4 years. Some may have thought they were dead, but they were not. It is a blast and with all the returning passengers, I think most would agree. The bars for the most part love us and we are no longer college kids so the peer pressure from my wife is lessening. She only forces shots on the somewhat willing :) We have a special DJ on one of the buses this year and she’s hot–I mean her playlist is hot, whoops. Since there is only one of her and 2 of the bus things, someone else should be putting a playlist together as to not feel left out.

It’s 50 degrees and we are within 2 weeks of Christmas. I am having a really hard time being pissed off about anything. I’m sure I will find a reason soon as there just is no way this holds out for much longer, but each day means one less day of winter. Or it means we will be punished with an awful spring that doesn’t ever come and turns into Summer on July 12th. That will end about September 15th next year as there is no possible way to have two years in a row of humane temperatures. I read there is actually more ice on the polar ice caps than there has ever been in some areas, so I hate to ruin the party for all you global warming crazies. It was a study by an actual scientist and everything. I’m sure the rest of them have killed that guy and stuffed him in a snowbank behind Santa’s house by now. How dare he say anything that stops their buddies from selling windmills and solar panels. They really are no different than Cheney and his cronies, well except their need to make money isn’t killing a bunch of people. So there is that.

Why does black lives matter pick such horrible people to rally behind? The guy that they are harassing the 4th precinct about was beating his girlfriend bloody and then attacked the paramedics when they arrived. It was not his first time doing this. He was a bad dude and the world is better off. I’m sure there are plenty of reasons to call for change at the 4th precinct. Things haven’t always been done above board all across this country and change in policing isn’t a bad thing, but pick your martyrs a little better already. When they pick such awful humans to stop traffic and disrupt lives for, it only works to make those people hate what you are protesting. People that would otherwise support the cause and have sympathy have now lost patience and have grown tired of the whole process. It didn’t have to be that way, but it is. I know the theory behind it is to make people have to pay attention to what they are saying and if the people they were rallying for directly had more sympathetic stories I believe people would rally behind them. It, however, has drawn attention to something that absolutely must change about policing and that is the shooting of unarmed individuals. I know at times there is no choice even when a weapon isn’t involved, but there just has to be a better way to do things. You cannot put a bullet back into the gun and when someone is running from the police and generally causes no immediate danger to others, DON’T SHOOT HIM. It’s pretty simple. Catch him later or chase him and shoot him with a taser, but stop shooting unarmed people that generally don’t pose an immediate threat. It’s a change in policing that needs to happen and I believe this movement has made strides towards causing that change. Chicago is now stopping traffic because a kid carrying a gun running at a police car was shot–bad guy to rally for–just sayin.

Donald Trump is a jackass. Hillary is an asshat.

I wonder what would happen if all the cops quit. squirrels are the real terrorists. I miss food. I used to have ice cream several times a week. I haven’t had any for two months. I have stopped losing weight. I’m not gaining any, but I can’t break through the next barrier yet. I’m still trying and not eating and doing the work but I can’t make any further progress the past couple of weeks. I may need to switch something up. I drank 2 bottles of diet mountain dew every day for the past 20 years, I quit 2 months ago. I didn’t even decide to do it, it just happened. I don’t magically feel better, have better nails,my hair definitely hasn’t grown back, have more energy, and a happier disposition like some people claim happens when they eat better and workout. I still generally feel like shit for about an hour every morning and everything hurts just the same as it always did. I’m not magically the energizer bunny or anything. I like to watch the television so it doesn’t escape just like a used to, I dream about ice cream and cookies same as before, I hate people who workout and eat healthy just like I always did, I like beer like always (I just have to drink more crappy light beer), I’m generally the same grumpy asshole I’ve always been just not as full and fat and wired on caffeine as I used to be.

Hockey is in full swing and it’s going about like I thought it would for my little money sucking darlings on the frozen water. Justin still knows how to score goals and intermittently play defense and Allie still knows how to skate like the wind while sometimes scoring and generally playing overly solid defense. Oh how I wish I could combine their skills into one player and get college paid for, I guess we maybe should have had a third kid. I find myself randomly searching the arena for the Petersons and Rasmussens, as we have been together so long that it still seems weird not to have them around. Both teams lose more than win like I thought but they have been more competitive than expected in some other contests. I have loved coaching Allie and that group of girls are awesome. Justin’s team suffered a heart breaking defeat to the hands on Lakeville North in the championship game in Owatonna this past weekend (Nobody needs to know that they were basically in a 2 team tournament). We hit the stinking crossbar with 2 seconds left. I went out in the lobby while they handed the trophy to North. I’ve seen North get handed enough trophies for one lifetime, I figured I was good. I was happy for a few people on the other side, but still couldn’t stomach watching them celebrate in those stupid not as ugly as ours North jerseys. I know it’s silly and they are only 12, but I can do what I want when I want. If you can’t hate your crosstown rival, then who can you hate anymore? If it’s the High School championship game and my friend’s kids are playing I will cheer for them if I must.

I spend a great deal of time reading people’s trip reports about Las Vegas. I have a screen name and everything on some of the sites. I like reading about what and where they eat, their gambling, shows and anything else they talk about. It’s stupid I know, but it passes the time between trips and gives me a ton of information for when I go back. I know more about that city than most people who live there probably. It also gives me the edge on all the ” I read books all the time” snobs that are out there that think they are cooler than the rest of us because they read books. Big deal you read books, I can get done with a book in two hours when they make it into a movie and you wasted all your time reading it. Who’s stupid now. I read trip reports on Al Gore’s interweb, that’s way cooler than reading a novel anyday. All books that are any good get made into movies anyway, so movies are actually smarter than books. They weed out all the bad books that one might make the mistake of reading. Then they cast pretty people who say words and stuff and condense the stupid book into two hours of screen time. Who wants to read about a car chase when you can watch Keanu Reeves and some hot blonde/brunette/redhead in actual cars fake chasing each other on the silver screen. BOOKS ARE STUPID.

So I was just going to write about how amazed I was that Josh from “Drake & Josh” lost so much weight, when I had to look up which one went from fat to skinny. In doing my “research”, I learned the show I watch every morning with Allie before school is literally 10 or 12 years old and the actor is now 28 and on a show with John Stamos. Who knew. I thought it was a new series not that long ago.

The Vikings are injured so calm down when they lose tomorrow. None of it matters. All you have to do is make the playoffs and they are going to do that. It only takes a decent QB, awesome RB, and an excellent defense to win a super bowl and the Vikings have all of them, so they have a chance. Missing your best D-Lineman, Linebacker, and Safety against Arizona and Seattle is meaningful, so get off the ledge people. They are both playoff teams with good offenses and we are not the team we will be in 4 weeks when the playoffs start, don’t analyze it too much, just believe me.


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