It’s Coming

Sweatshirts in less than a month, no more shorts, long sleeved shirts will need to be worn or nearby at least, snow most likely is about 6 weeks away, hockey starts in less time than that. I hate hockey and sweatshirts. I think Justin and Allie would be excellent beach volleyball players, as I was a tremendous player years ago once, in Mexico on that one trip we took, before the grandparents abandoned us for Florida and Texas, which made it so we couldn’t go on trips anymore. Man I was a Mexican rock star, they still tell stories about me I’m sure. They must hate their kids and  grandkids to leave for the whole winter like that.  Now, when I do it in 20 years it will be about love and respect that I leave for the winter to build character in my children.  I have warned them that if they choose to live here, that is there problem and not mine, as I will not be here to partake in their lives for at least 6 months. They can visit, but we will not be visiting them–Santa delivers toys where there isn’t snow I guarantee it. I had to put on a sweatshirt last week at my parent’s house as it was chilly in the morning. It is August.

My depression on the first day of school has nothing to do with the kids going back to school. It is all about me. I stand at the end of the road and look around at the trees starting to turn, and the beautiful green grass, kids in shorts and T-shirts and all I can think is–In one month from now this dump will be all white, the trees will be a shell of their former self, I won’t see grass for 7 months and the kids will all have a parka, one glove and a mismatching hat on. I know I won’t be walking to the end of the street anymore with the kids. I will scream at them to close the door as their little fannies head out to school. I used to look somewhat forward to October as it brought duck hunting and relatively comfortable weather. Now I never get to duck hunt because I’m in a hockey arena everyday and for some reason mother nature thinks it’s cool to start snowing on us in the 2nd week of October.

The last month of the summer has been unbelievable, great temps, sunny days, and general awesomenesss. I have heard several comments from people around me about what a great summer it has been. I agree we had 1 great month of summer, but really is that how low your expectations have become?  1 nice month and we’ve had a great summer. The winter from hell (x2) was followed by monsoon like weather in May and June. I put a sweatshirt on July 4th evening (I was in Bemidji). July 18th-August 18th were nice.  We got a decent month–yipee, lots of people get decent years, we got a month don’t go overboard with raving about how great it is to live here.  I have started to notice a grass roots effort by people who like it here, to try to get those of us who don’t like it here, to stop complaining. Not gonna do it, what would I write?  Happy poems about snowflakes and blizzards–I think not. We get it, you love torture and the color white. that’s fine for you, but some of us are trapped here by those we love and complaining is our coping mechanism.

Competetive golfers rarely smile, breast cancer sucks alot, Surly makes a good beer, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a chicken cross a road, As you saw in my latest post-Allie is really witty, sharp wit but witty none the less, I like Friday night beers with my neighbors, why is her wit and sarcasm always directed at her dad?, she might need therapy to work through some underlying issues, we bought a new vehicle, I don’t miss the old one, I wonder how hard it is to make Meth–I could use the extra cash, I’ve cried twice in a month, it had been years since I last did I think, Allie’s wit was not the culprit, stressful 6 months, it will be fine, I’m really really ok in my skin, therefore I can tell you that, I can wear pink, I can admit when a guy is good looking, I can admit I’m not as good looking, I know I outkicked my coverage, I thank god for her everyday, my kids are beautiful people, they are not perfect and neither am I, ice bucket challenge videos are cool but it might be time to call  a timeout for a year, yearly challenges are great as the cause is awesome and needs funding, but it’s time to wrap it up otherwise it loses it’s effect, little league baseball is fun to watch, 2 weeks without rain and my grass died–REALLY, what the hell is that about, this place is harsh, the south metro needs a taproom with a really good IPA

I am excited about hockey starting, especially for Allie.  She has finally reached the traveling level so no more playing the green team. She now gets to play real games against other cities, tournaments, etc.  I know it will just make us busier, but I do love watching the little people in my life playing hockey and with two of them traveling, busy we will be. Maybe I won’t have time to notice the snow. I dropped Allie off at a birthday party yesterday and realized that I graduated with the little girl’s mom 25 years ago, what are the odds right. I remembered her– take that, she didn’t remember me–blow to the self esteem . I guess I must look different:)  I used to wear glasses sometimes, maybe that’s why she didn’t remember me.

Why is it that every single person who isn’t on facebook says the same thing. I don’t have time for it and then they look at you like you are some sort of idiotic loser for having a facebook account and time to look at it.  I get it your too cool for facebook, but really some people enjoy it and that’s ok.  Not sure where the whole not enough time thing comes into play unless those people have no ability to manage their own behavior I guess. And really when we all say we are busy, sometimes we are, but how often are you too busy to look at your phone for 5 minutes or log on the computer and check a news feed for 10 minutes. It doesn’t make one a bad person, yet that’s how I feel when I talk to the anti facebook people.

I very rarely get political when I do these things, because I have learned that you are never able to change anyone’s mind on just about anything so I quit talking about politics a few years ago and I also basically quit voting for politicians on a national level. I deemed it useless. I will vote locally when necessary and live my life the same no matter which party has no control over Washington. My life changes very little based on what they do, so I decided it was healthier to just quit caring what they do. I figure someone will let me know when they are about to take my hunting guns and then I will take notice. That’s not happening soon so chill out.

I however, do not think it’s ok to shoot unarmed people not matter what color their skin is.  I also think looting hard working people’s small business’ and calling it a protest is also not a good thing. I am all for protesting when things need to be called attention to and changed and in this case I believe that change is necessary. However, protests can be held in daylight, by law abiding citizens where everyone including law enforcement should be respected.  It is a very simple concept that has been employed by great men and women throughout our history. Think Martin Luther King about now. Going about things in the manner in which things are being done right now south of us, only makes the people on either side of the issue feel more strongly in the position they hold. It does not foster change. It creates fear and chaos and effective change never happens in that environment. Just my opinion.

The other day Justin and I were coming home from Band camp, kind of nerdy I know.  There was a dead squirrel in the road. Another (live) squirrel comes running out in the road. I look at Justin and say “he’s gonna end up like his girlfriend if he isn’t careful”  Two seconds later there is a thud and two dead squirrels in the road. I felt terrible (this was not where tears were shed) I mean really the signs of danger were clear. Your comrade was smushed on the road, obvious danger exists. Please run to safety, danger is present. I think he decided life wasn’t living without her. Or he realized winter was coming soon and he doesn’t have a squirrel plane and decided to end the misery before it starts. Notice to all squirrels–if you are compelled to take your own life please do so under someone elses car–Thank you.


VEGAS IN  2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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