Vegas Trip

Back from Vegas, not happy about it completely but glad to see my family again.  We stayed at the Flamingo, Mandalay Bay, and The D. We double booked so that we could have a room on the strip and downtown since my parents were staying downtown during the trip. I landed on time ahead of the snowstorm and My parents arrived 15 minutes later from Texas.  I had decided we should take the bus downtown, but we had missed the WAX, so we hopped on the 108.  Only problem is that it ends at the transit station about 6 blocks from downtown, so we had to walk the rest of the way. Fine for me, a downer for my parents, but we made it.

They checked in at Four Queens and my brother had beat us to the hotel because he took a cab. $40 for him $6 for us, we both were happy.  He had landed about 20 minutes after us.  Stashed our bags and headed out to Freemont.  Grabbed a couple of dogs at Mermaids, got beads around our necks and a couple of drinks and off to gambling we go.

I should have seen the writing on the wall immediately as I couldn’t hit a number on the roulette wheel. It was the story of my trip.  As far as gambling goes I couldn’t walk away from a machine or table up at all. I think on 2 occassions I left with more money than I put in. We did hit for $150 on the Lionshare machine and I actually saw a lion appear for the first time. I piggy backed a sports bet sent with me by a friend and won $35, but I lost it the next night on another bet. I play the number 30 and it refused to show up anytime while I played roulette. We played the Sigma Derby horse racing game at the D quite a bit. We actually hit the 200-1 shot right away. We had the most fun on the trip at this machine. With the right waitress and some luck you can kill alot of time for cheap. Some girl had 3 quarters on it and walked away with $150 for .75cent bet. Gambling sucked, but it was good to see my parents and my brothers on the trip. My oldest brother Randy arrived on Thursday for the weekend, so we got to see him and his wife for a day in Vegas.

I ventured into a few new properties on this trip that I hadn’t seen before. We had the buffet at Circus Circus (Free from MyVegas). It was suprisingly good. I also went into The Tropicana, Harrahs, Casino Royale, and the new Quad. The Quad has completely changed since September and it looks nice. I really like the atmosphere in Harrahs. Dueling Piano bar, great band playing outside. I was impressed.  I would have seen Bally’s, but I refuse to enter until they fix the moving walkway going into the property. It has been 2 years, fix it already.

We went to Zumanity on Tuesday night. It was a good show, but not the best Cirque show by far. I was mesmerized by the midget in the show. He was amazing. We were seated 3 rows from the stage, dead center (also MyVegas free tickets). We ate at the buffet in The Bellagio (also free) for lunch and for dinner we ate at The Sporting House in NY NY (also for free). Watched the Wild lose to Chicago and my $10 dissappear and went to the show.  The lunch and dinner were both good, not great.  I was wishing for more from the Bellagio Buffet, but I think we got there too early.

We spent the night at the Flamingo. We checked out the next morning and I proceeded to check into my suite at Mandalay Bay(MyVegas comp), and my brother headed down to The D to check in.  I played on the Skee Ball machine at Mandalay bay and then headed downtown.  Spent most of the day getting my ass handed to me and then I headed back down to the strip.  I unfortunately witnessed a woman pissing on the sidewalk in front of Caesar’s Palace. Right on the main walk on the strip in front of hundreds of people she hikes her dress up and starts letting it go. She had been drinking I’m guessing :), and she apparantly needed to go as a river appeared on the sidewalk. Everyone cleared a path and waited for the flood to subside.  The Suite at Mandalay was nice and I got my first good night’s rest of the trip.

In case you haven’t figured it out, I love the strip especially at night. The Bellagio fountains are my favorite spot. I could stand there for hours and just take it all in. I gamble, but that is not my main reason for coming to Vegas. I love to look at everything and people watch. There truly is no other place like it.164 165 174 175 182 186 189 191 193 195 199 208 214

The weather was great until Friday when it rained, but overall it was typical March weather.  The mountains had gotten quite a bit of snow on Thursday night. I’m looking forward to the finished product at the Quad and can’t wait to see the whole skyline change when the wheels are both finished.  I wish people would have their bus tickets in hand when riding the bus. I am cheap as far as getting around goes and the bus travel would be more enjoyable if people had tickets in hand when they boarded. The Wax is a great bus route to get downtown from NY NY.  It only takes 15 minutes and nobody is on the bus.  Ride the tram to Mandalay Bay and it’s easy as pie. Missed the Bellagio Conservatory again as it was under construction. Third trip in a row that it was under construction. My luck I guess.

I walked alot and saw alot again. I look forward to returning again soon. I have come to appreciate downtown and the strip for what they both offer. Eating downtown is so much less expensive and the characters walking around are entertaining. Getting asked for money all the time by the homeless gets tiring, but it’s part of the charm I guess. The Plaza needs to get it’s act together. I could really like that place if it wasn’t managed so poorly. All the changes to the property fronts downtown are good and make it more of a party atmosphere. They need more areas to sit down that don’t cost you $10 for a drink and it would be perfect.  I’m too old to take part in it, but the partying in the suites at Mandalay Bay was something I hadn’t seen before. It was movie like and good to know it was going on and even better to know I couldn’t hear it as soon as I closed my door.

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