It’s almost March–SO WHAT

It’s almost March and normally even I would start to feel hopeful that things are about to change. I would start looking at my fishing poles and tackle box and have thoughts of actually using them. I just can’t do it. It snowed into May last year and none of the lakes were open at opener. We are looking forward to another polar vortex(stupid term, I hate it) and more snow. It never melts. It may never end. Did I mention I had Pneumonia, followed by Laryngitis, and now finishing up with Pink eye. I haven’t been able to see out of my right eye for 5 days, the eye doctor said it could be 5 more. She was like 12 years old though, so not sure I trusted her.  It has made my normal cheery disposition dissappear :) It’s been a miserable 3 week stretch.

I heard on the radio the list of the 5 happiest states in America.  Minnesota was 4th, South Dakota was 3rd and North Dakota was #1. I kept waiting for the list of dumbest people in America, then I realized they were the same list.  Seriously what could you possibly be happy about living in these places?  Must be all that beach time for the North Dakotans or maybe the hiking in the mountains.  I wonder if they realize you can get drunk all day in San Diego too, the only difference is you can do it outside in the sun.  There is a reason people don’t take 7 day vacations to Minnesota to cool down, it’s because they are ACTUALLY happy where they are. We pretend to be happy and spend most days convincing ourselves that we are happy, but we really just survive for 6 months.  People confuse happy and pride I think. North Dakotans and Minnesotans are very proud of where they live for some reason, but I am having a hard time finding many that are happy about where they live right now, but they feel like they need to win these polls, so they lie and say they are happy. I wonder how happy they will be when the guy behind them at the stop sign slides into their bumper or their car won’t start, or it shakes so bad you can’t drive it because of all the snow built up under it has made it unbalanced, love this place, happy to be here. Seriously a shaking car because snow builds up underneath it, people shouldn’t live like this

That stupid I’m Happy song on the radio makes me want to punch things, mostly Pharrell.

Hockey season is winding down and I’m a little bummed. I have loved being around this group of kids and parents. It has been a fun and successful year for the most part. We lost out on winning the district, which I was hopeful this group could finish out, but it wasn’t meant too be.  Baseball tryouts in 2 weeks and I am already looking forward to moving on to baseball. I am just hoping we melt the snow by June.

Jen said she heard birds singing the other day when it was 40, I said that’s because they can’t watch Belinda Jensen and know that there is a foot of snow on the way and a polar vortex to follow, if they knew that they wouldn’t sing the dumb little birds.  Maybe weather people are to blame for unhappiness. If we didn’t know we were going to be miserable for the next 7 days, maybe we could pretend to be happy like North Dakotans. Maybe they are happy because they don’t have electricity yet, which means they don’t have weathermen, which means they don’t have someone telling them about the misery they are about to endure, which means they can be blissfully ignorant. I have figured it out as I type, I have solved the happy North Dakotan mystery!!!  No Tv’s equals Happy–got that Pharrell

The Olympics are almost over and I don’t know what I will do with myself. I love rooting for the Amercians and against the Canadians. I did get a job during the day now, so I guess there is that, but I love watching athletes compete in a bunch of sports we never get to watch. I did however lose my desire to watch curling, it is just boring to watch. I found myself wishing there was a baseball game to turn it over to for excitement. It looks fun to do, but not so much to watch. It looks like a perfect match to beer drinking, so maybe that’s why I was interested in it. I will miss humans hurling down hills on boards and in wierd looking ships on the brink of death all too beat some guy named Viktor or Lars in a sport I could care less about except for these two weeks, but right now seems so important. If they just got rid of figure skating it would be perfect. Events are only real if there is a timer running or a score being kept by referees and not “Judges”. Noone should ever fall down and win a medal, EVER. Ski racers don’t fall and win, bobsledders don’t fall out of the bobsled and still win a medal, skeletoners would die if they fell off, if a snowboarder smokes too much dope and falls down–Even he doesn’t win a medal, if a biathlete falls down I think his/her gun goes off shooting them in the back of the head and they of course then lose.  You get the point–NO FALLING DOWN ALLOWED- hockey players get knocked down–it’s different

My garage door doesn’t work when it’s really cold. My garage door doesn’t work very often. My gas grill doesn’t work when it’s really cold. My gas grill hasn’t worked since Thanksgiving.  I’ve had a package of hamburgers in my freezer for months, I really want a grilled hamburger. Maybe by the 4th.  Jen tries to tell me to say 3 positive things for every negative thing I say–good thing that doesn’t work in the blog world. I would have to write a lot and think of something positive to say.  I will try one paragraph just to see if I can do it.

1. Jim Hartwell cracks me up, 2. Keith Peterson could do 3 positive blogs a day, 3. I wish I was more like him, 1. WINTER SUCKS, 1. babies are cute, 2. the snow can be pretty, 3. blue-green water rocks,  1. COLD BITES, 1. snow leopards are neat,  2. Spam tastes good, 3. my wife is beautiful,  1 SNOW IS CRUEL,  1. Canada has nice people, 2. my children are good people, 3. I love my neighborhood and neighbors,  1. CANADIAN HOCKEY PLAYERS ARE DIRTY,  1. The elko city workers work hard,  2. Western North Dakota can be beautiful, 3. The prettiest sunsets I have ever seen have been in North Dakota/Hawaii, both beautiful for different reasons, but equal in value, 1. SUNSHINE IN WINTER IS CRUEL,  1. Redmond makes me smile everytime I see him, 2. I know a lot of really cool people named Jim, 3. The hot tub is broken,  1. COPS WHO PULL OVER PEOPLE FOR USING THE DIAMOND LANE AT RUSH HOUR SHOULD BE FIRED, 1. Girls hockey is fun to watch, 2. sushi rolls are good, 3. waterslides are fun,  1.$40 FOR A FAMILY OF 4 IS TOO MUCH TO CHARGE TO WATCH THE GIRLS CONSOLATION FINAL HOCKEY GAME, 

That’s as far as I can go, I feel like saying a bunch of negative things to balance it out. And she said I would feel better. It didn’t work and I want to punch Pharrell again because he spells his name stupid and sings that dumb happy song. How many times to do you have to say I’m Happy, I’m happy, I’m Happy, now sing it while you are kicking the dog.


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