Thank god for hockey

  It’s the beginning of January and it feels like we have been through a full winter already. It’s dark all the time, freezing cold, and nobody should ever utter the words “it’s a nice day” when the temperature reaches 20. The majority of the world does not live like this.  I feel like a prisoner. The only thing redeeming about living here is hockey and that’s not enough. We got like 3 months of summer and now this crap. Everyone keeps mumbling stupid shit like “Oh-we’ll get paid back for it later, or we’ll probably get an early spring”  Probably get an early spring–these people are complete morons. As if an early spring can make up for 9 months of pure torture. There is not one of the 10,000 lakes or state parks, north shore drives, fall color tours, etc that can make up for being treated like this for 8 months every year.  People live near oceans, mountains, and beaches where the temperature rarely falls below 50 and they are happy and outside. They can sit on restaurant patios all year, have dinner on their deck in January, have a beer with their neighbor in the driveway in February–hell you get the picture, this place is useless.  This state is a cruel joke and we are all willingly living in it. I’m not willingly here, but if I want to see my wife and kids I have to stay.  Luckily she’s beautiful and they are kind of cute, otherwise I would be gone, living in a box on the Vegas Strip. I shot one of the squirrels, his death is not confirmed however. He may be alive with a limp or extremely sleepy in the hole in the tree. Not sure–don’t care.  There are no paw prints leading to the grill, so either he’s become a flying squirrel, learned his lesson, or crossed over to the great squirrel beyond.

Justin’s team has had a great start going 13-4 so far, not counting the butt kicking Hastings put on us last night.  It was a “scrimmage” so I chose to not count it.  The kids are awesome and I am having a blast coaching and watching them all play hockey. Being that close to your kid while he’s playing hockey can have it’s ups and downs. He’s closer to chew his ass when he does stupid things, but he’s also close to celebrate with when he does awesome things. Luckily for me he does more awesome than stupid–at least for now but he is my kid.  Allie has been doing awesome so far and she’s scoring a ton of goals. Something clicked and she now has a shot to match her blazing speed on the ice. She is more in love with hockey than anyone in the family and we are a hockey loving bunch.  Her dad couldn’t be more proud.

So the other day I was pulling into the Holiday gas station to put air in my tires. Why not right, the light was on again. It’s on every other day just to torment me. The air hose is in front of the last parking stall, there is one car in front of me as I pull in, there are no other cars parked in the 6 stalls in front of the station, guess where this lady parks her car. Yep–right in front of the air hose, not in the 5 spots closer to the door of the station–she parks furthest from the door and right in front of the air hose. Did I mention she was the only car in front of me. She couldn’t be getting gas, she had to go in the store.  She proceeds to sit in her car for 5 minutes, so I pull in right next to her, hopeful I can stretch the hose far enough to get to my back tire. I of course cannot, but I successfully put air in the front tire and decide I am going to pull out and back into the spot to get the rear tire, because she of course is still in the store with no exit in sight.  I pull out and quick spin around and start to back in, only to have 2 punk kids roar into the lot and pull into the spot I had just backed out of.  Good news–they were just returning  a red box movie so out they go quickly. I then back in right as some lady boxes me in on the other side.  She is so close I can barely open my door, I try to wait patiently until she gets out so I don’t hit her car with my door, but she sits in her car and won’t get out.  I have now exhausted the list of cuss words I know and decide to get out door scrape or no door scrape. I successfully exit and she opens her door and gets out after not even thinking about opening her door for what felt like a half hour.  I turn to look at her and of all things what does she have in her hands–a tire pressure guage. I mean really why wouldn’t she.  Just then I remember I have left the hose on the ground stretched out between our cars, but I have to go all the way around mine because her door is now blocking the back of my car. I put my head down and ran–(first time in years) to the back of the car. I beat the old lady to it, filled my tire, mumbled some cuss words, threw the hose at the store and was on my merry way.  It ruined my whole day and then the tire pressure light came back on as I pulled into work.

Allie gets to much credit for being sweet, She picks on me for being fat way too much to be considered sweet.  She is an observant witty little thing, but as we all know wit can easily turn to cruelty when not used properly.  I get to go to VEGAS in less than a week!!!!!!!  My mommy and I get to take 4 days in our favorite place. She had a bit of a health scare and her reward for making it through is a trip to our favorite place with her favorite son:)  I wish we would have gone this Sunday, but next Sunday will work just fine.  It’s supposed to be 65 and sunny everyday.  My Water Softener uses way too much salt. Dennis Rodman is very much like a cartoon figure, why does bad weather only seem to matter to the national news people if and when it hits the east coast, it’s been too cold to unplug my christmas lights, Randy Moss should not be a tv commentator, cold is stupid, beer isn’t, I wonder if the cranky bartender at the Freemont will remember me on Sunday,  Justified is back, Raylan Givens is the best character on TV, I might actually play Bingo while in Las Vegas,  I might be getting old, ice fishing is wierd, I can’t wait to be standing in front of the Bellagio, I need a beach and blue/green water.

The fridge finally died, just as we ordered a new one, I had to put 4 new tires on the Camry, and now the computer just died and won’t come on at all.  I just wonder what’s next, which car part we will be paying for, or what neat new appliance we will be getting that I didn’t know I wanted.  Anyone know how to get all the pictures on a flash drive if/when I get the computer back on for a few last breaths before it dies again, I would love an explanation on how to do that if you have said knowledge.  Yeo needs to go, Yeo needs to go–If we weren’t so Minnesota nice that would be chanted throughout most all Wild games as it should.  Olympics soon–can’t wait, my car is so so dirty and it’s too cold to wash it, my jacket is a mess from rubbing against it, I should probably wash that,  as it’s not really that cold in the laundry room, I think I may win big in Vegas, don’t know why just got a feeling, wish me luck

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