Hockey is here, starting to wish I wasn’t

I am dedicating this entry to my Aunt Jean who passed away this past weekend.  She told me several times how much she loved reading these and was one of only two people to have actually posted a response on this site.  She was a wonderful women who raised awesome kids and we will all miss her very much.






The leaves are all gone, it was under 10 degrees last week and will be again next week, it snowed already, it’s always windy, Jen and I are both sick, and I REALLY REALLY miss Vegas. Why do I blow the leaves out of the yard, they just come back the next day, they are mocking me, beef sticks are great snacks to help you lose weight, but my breath is awful, I only got to hunt once this season and even though it’s not over I think that may be it and it wasn’t that great of a trip. There is a squirrel trying to chew through the hose on my gas grill, I am tempted to let him gas himself the little shit, 98 pounds buffet is awesome, the water in this town is brutal, spiders suck, no more mosquitos, the mice are trying to get in, the new highway is really smooth and quiet, the Vikings need to lose now, The Wolves have almost made me pay attention to basketball on like two occassions, the Gopher hockey team is awesome right now, hope it lasts, the Sioux are sucking and it’s awesome, they won’t suck in March I bet, the Mayor of Toronto is embarassing and I feel really bad for the people of Toronto, not him though, he’s a tool and needs to go away and take Obama with him, you have to think that even if you are a democrat, I find myself wishing Hillary had won as I know she would have done a better job, but a better job wouldn’t have been hard to achieve i guess

Hockey has started, Justin is on the B Squirt team and Allie made to top level of U8’s. I am an assistant coach for Justin’s team and apparantly part of a team to manage Allie’s team.  Justin’s team opened up it’s first scrimmage with an 8-0 romp over Shakopee and I thought we might be state champs and then we lost to Prior Lake 3-1 (it was 1-1 with 2 minutes left and we carried the play most of the game), so now I think we might finish 2nd to Prior Lake or beat them like we should have Sunday. We get another crack at them this weekend. I get now how towns with two high schools have rivalries and all, but when you hang out with people who have kids who play for the other school, it makes it hard to want them to lose. I thought it would be a natural dislike and I would wish them nothing but losses, but it isn’t like that. Sometimes it is, but most of the time it’s not. I find myself wanting the North Squirt A team to have a good year because there are a few people who’s kids play for them that I hope good things happen to them. I have more to say, but I don’t want to get into trouble, my mind is filtering in my wife’s voice right now. It tends to do that and sometimes I rebel against the voices and sometimes I listen to them. I think I will listen to them this time.

Growing up in Red Wing in the 70’s and 80’s was hard for a hockey player. Our team never had a chance to win when playoff time came because there was only one class and the Rochester Schools dominated our section. Some of my greatest memories were watching the State tournament and especially that my mom and dad would take me to the section 5 and 6 finals at the Met Center every year. When I was really young they took me to a Jefferson/Kennedy game and I fell in love with Bloomington Jefferson. I like baby blue what can I say.  Those games were the highlight of my year and since Red Wing was done I was a huge Jefferson fan and I won several state championships through the Jags.  Now they are a direct rival and I want nothing more than for my son/daughter to be on the ice across from Jefferson and beat them like a drum and they play for a school that actually can.  It hasn’t happened yet. we are in different districts, same high school conferences, but different youth districts. I have tried to set up a scrimmage but it hasn’t happened yet. I look forward to that day. Our first game in our upcoming tournament is against Wayzata and they are coached by Larry Olimb, I think I am the only one who is a little excited to meet him, as he represents an era of high school hockey that gave me great enjoyment and he was an amazing player during that time. No autographs or anything and I won’t stalk him, but it will be nice to meet him.

All the old people are like the mallards, they are heading south soon. I wish I was an old people sometimes, never wish I was a Mallard though. The way some old people drive I’m not sure it’s much safer for them to head south than it is for a mallard.  The dangers seem to be ever present for both on the trip. I do wish I had wings though. I told you all sinkholes were going to become a huge problem. The squirrel has now eaten through the duct tape I put over the hose, I think this has to be dealt with a different way. That doesn’t bode well for the 2 squirrels that are tag teaming my grill. It may be time for them to join the half tailed squirrel. If you were in prison and could bring in one thing, what would it be? Soap on a rope? that was an answer given by someone my brother had class with. I think fullproof escape plans would be my answer, but soap on a rope would be 2nd.

Girls hockey is seeing a steady decline in participation and it is really bothering me. Nothing against those of you who put your children in dance and gymnastics, but c’mon really. Hockey teaches them to be tough, smart, athletic, graceful, and most of all they win by scoring goals.  Not  by being judged by some uptight jerkoff who is charging you 200% over cost on a dance costume that you can use 1 time, $100 for a video that you could have done with your cellphone, and $75 hour for a crappy studio session in a strip mall.  I don’t have to wait in a loud obnoxious gym for 6 hours to watch my kid tumble around on a floor for like 18 seconds and attempt to call it gymnastics and some cranky old lady gives her a score that earns her a 4th place yellow ribbon.  Sports only count if the winner is decided by the team or individual involved and not by a panel of has been, agitated middle aged women/men who haven’t competed in anything in like 30 years and haven’t been on a date in even longer.  Our society needs girls that play hockey, they will be the future leaders of our world. Strong, tough, competitive women who take no shit from anyone are what we need, although I do enjoy olympic gymnastics, but I just can’t wrap my head around the dance thing, sorry.  We have went through great efforts to keep allie out of the dance studio, mostly because hockey is cheaper. you don’t hear that very often and scoring goals is awesome.

I need to win the lottery, note to self—play the lottery, I need to find a way to get to Vegas soon, hockey schedule is complicating that matter–so is having a wife and kids , she thinks I just went–it was like 8 months ago, holy crap it’s been that long– I really need to go, my points on my casino players cards are going to expire, I don’t think she cares if my points expire, they are worth like 8 bucks, so I should by a plane ticket to vegas to save those $8, the room is free–there are resort fees now, but they don’t really count- I got gambling money, but I’m broke and it is Christmas season.  I really really want to go. I have hated my  car since the day we bought it–why did I buy it then?  it did make sense for what our lives are now–hauling children and hockey bags all over the world 7 days a week, I would like some Keith Peterson time now, JASON GOT A DEER!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! let me say that again–JASON BUTTS GOT A DEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  the bus leaves Elko soon–make sure you are on it–I love my wife and she rocks

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