Half-tailed Squirrel is Still Missing!!

I have taken the plunge and decided to set up a blog, so here goes.  Back from Vegas and somewhat depressed about it, Justin’s team opened up district play with a 1-1 tie against Rosemount again, Justin scored the goal, Allie’s hockey season has come to an end, Soccer already started and we have to practice at the hockey arena, it’s cruel and unusual punishment, I saw a woman taking a piss on the sidewalk of the strip, right in front of Caesars with hundreds of people walking by, I think she might have been drinking, there was quite a river flowing, roulette kicked my ass, There was a midget in the show we saw in Vegas that was absolutely mesmerizing, Why do Packer fans always have to travel in their Packer shit,  They do realize the rest of the world just puts on a regular shirt when they travel, It’s cold and windy again, our little angel Allie is doing some rebelling finally, she has refused to clean her room for 2 days,  she finally gave in yesterday, I was impressed, didn’t think she had it in her,

trying to lose weight, started herbalife plan when I got back, I miss food, especially cookies, I think the Twins are going to be better than expected, I think it is too early to spring forward because it looks nothing like spring too me, I wonder what the city guys are doing with all their free time now that the ice rink doesn’t have to be taken care of, more breaks I guess, hockey tonight, district game against Eastview, Baseball tryouts tomorrow, I really hope he does well,

there are alot of homeless people with signs in Vegas, my favorite is the guy who will let you kick him in the nuts for $10, I would charge more if I were him, maybe not though if I bought beer with the $10, airports are intimidating and frustrating, that much power shouldn’t be given to people with so little education, then again we gave it to Al Franken and George Bush, so who am I to judge, Chris turkey

Turkey hunting is coming soon, I haven’t seen a turkey in months, I think they all went south, my fantasy baseball team looks awesome, I’m sure they will suck again, one of the hockey parents yelled at Justin after the game Sunday, who yells at other people’s kids?, her kid is “the kid” that is always in trouble, kicked off the bus and out of school, swears at other kids all the time, gets our team in trouble with the district, yet she feels the need to yell at my kid who did nothing wrong, I see where her kid gets it now, That woman has problems, but I am sure she can work them out at visiting on Sunday’s from 2-4 at the penetentiary with her little angel, why do fish eat worms, I get the whole eating minnows thing, Justin did tell the kid to skate harder, he shouldn’t have done that, the kid’s response was “shut up you f’ing bitch, enough said, funny though she chose to yell at mine and not hers, although Justin was the one behaving abnormally I guess,

The half-tailed squirrel is still missing, I still have hope, thinking about putting out some flyers but I don’t want to take any calls,206 211 212

I love the guy dancing behind my brothers in their picture, we tried to set him/her up with scott, but she/he said he wasn’t their type, Scott was bummed,182 183

I love the Bellagio fountains and the view down the strip, One of my many happy places, along with the hockey arena, Hawaii, Mexican beach with a drink in my hand, duck blind anywhere, fishing boat anywhere, and anywhere with my wife.  I’m looking forward to blogging and some random thoughts. I will try to be funny and also give a little insight into our daily lives, but I am working with limited brain capacity.  If you see the squirrel let me know, by text please.

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